How to find job after university graduation

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Remember yesterday – here it is, finally! I was enrolled in the 1st year is the best in the world University! Life is beautiful: no parental care, but with their regular financial support plus fellowship; new friends and experience endless possibilities.

Five years have flown by as one instant. In the hands of the diploma, in the head � wind. A stipend is no longer paid, parents looked with reproach. Need a job… Stop! We had previously thought…

The difficulty is that after graduation the former students are absent practical skills. But in any profession has its own quirks and secrets. It turns out, even the best graduates with the red-blue diplomas will be disappointed. Employers usually do not rush to take the “green” specialists, fearing the lack of skills of the “adult” workplace communication, understanding their duties, building relationships with colleagues and management. Nobody wants to be the “babysitter” the graduate, this is the main cause of denial of employment.

Conclusion. Any experience is a real contribution to your bright professional future. If you want to work, you need to be prepared that wages will not differ greatly from the scholarship. Second shot � do not expect that you will be offered a prestigious post, even if you have education concerning the management. What to do?! First, examine job Postings: what are the requirements, what additional knowledge is needed most, depend on wages. Secondly, it is necessary to understand the specifics of the industry and try to build your career development so you’ll know where to move and grow.

If instead you choosing University and specialization did parents, friends, circumstances or in the process of learning you understand that this is not what you need… NOTHING is LOST YET! For you everything is just beginning. You can obtain additional education, to take courses, to educate ourselves.

The other side of the coin. Beware, beware of scammers who want to use your inexperience. For not honest people on hand desire to earn a lot of money. It may be the ads which indicate sky-high wages and when a person starts working, he was constantly fined, find errors, so that the salary is reduced to cents. Others take subject to passage of “internships”, they are free to work out considerable time or to perform tasks that are not paid. So be “adults” and do not believe the promises of mountains of gold.

Of course know their own worth, weigh all the pros and cons, but do not tighten. Don’t sit and wait for that good job there itself. If you could not get a job immediately after graduation, then after a long time your chances will worsen.

The main problem lies in the requirement of the employer’s necessary experience. It seems a vicious circle: where do you get experience if without it anywhere do not take!? But there is a solution. In small “family” companies, one person performs functions of multiple employees, thus gaining precious experience.

Key points:

Combining study with work, you will have huge benefits to the employers in front of their classmate-“nerds” who have no experience of employment.

Feel free to ask. Everyone understands that at the initial stage you have any questions. But listen carefully to the answers and advice. Be careful and diligent. Some tips will be useful and may be a motto for life.

Never mind that the beginning of her career you will start with a status of work, the main thing is to set a goal, believe in themselves and succeed.

Remember that you are eyeing. Build your reputation as a responsible worker.

Where and how to look for a job?

Sites for job search. Do not neglect the “mundane” to send out some resumes to the addresses specified in the vacancy announcements, and post it on the “job” sites (in there is a special section “early career/Students”). About the specifics of their queries need to mention in the summary that it responded only to those employers who are willing to your circumstances. Very important in your case is getting a cover letter. The trump card of the student in front of more experienced applicants � his enthusiasm and motivation, these qualities should reflect in the letter.

Job fairs, career days. Many Russian and foreign companies arrange internships for final year students. Often representatives of companies come to the universities and organize a set of these activities (“job fairs”, “career days”), which can be found on websites and message boards of the universities.

Looking for a challenging job and company.

Recruitment Agency. There are a number of agencies specializing in working with young people and students, usually you can find them by using search engines, using the words “graduate recruitment”, “working for students”, “mass recruitment”.

Contests, scientific work, business development. Very often in universities and international and Russian companies, municipal agencies held competitions for students. Itdefinitely a chance for talented young people to take the first step in the implementation itself, to the same steps, usually well funded. For example, one Russian student, not having special knowledge in the field of road design and logistics, offered a quality solution to the problem of roads and interchanges that reduce the number of traffic jams in Moscow.

Personal communication. Basic interviewing relatives, friends and acquaintances could be the most effective job search tool, because with a job you have a sponsor, which will increase the chances of your employment.

In one large trading companies expect the summer to take service personnel to the student after the 3rd course. While she is trying to build your schedule so that you can work not at the expense of learning and study is not detrimental to the work. Future boss listened to the recommendations of his colleagues � mom student. And in one of the business units directly subordinate to your graduate supervisor is already working one a final year student of day branch. This mutual accountability gives certain guarantees and the employer, and young professionals.

What kind of job to look for?

Internship. Eychary ready to cooperate with students, the main thing � to find common ground. For example, Luxoft take undergraduates with basic knowledge in the required area (be it Java or Testing), mathematical mind and a desire to grow within the organization. They offered a flexible schedule: 3 full days per week, and almost half the time students can devote to studying.

Last year at “Russian development Bank” actively attracted students to work in three areas: interns for 1-2 months to work in the archive; management specialists sales (possible part-time employment, but not less than 4 hours per day); the specialists of the call center and other personnel without special qualifications schedule “2 in 2”. In almost all cases provided for preliminary training.

In addition, a number of large branded companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Procter & Gamble, Ernst & Young, maintain an active search for employees in starting positions. This start creates good prospects for further professional development.

Part-time job. The need for temporary assistance is occurring in companies for various reasons: the departure of the employee on leave, illness, temporary projects, seasonal work, lack of sufficient work full time. Temporary staff looking for, for example, companies involved in sales of seasonal goods � soft drinks and ice cream. Students decided to try themselves in temporary jobs, can apply for the following positions: Secretary, personal assistant, translator, office Manager, courier; the operator database, it professionals; assistant accountant, Junior accountant, Finance clerk; assistant Professor, Department of marketing, advertising, PR, logistics. After participation in temporary projects, you can offer a job with a flexible schedule during the school year.

Remote work, freelance. The nature of freelance work is to perform a certain amount of work for a fee within a specified period, but often without reference to any chart or place. If the scope of your interests is the profession that allows this option of the relationship with the employer (designer, journalist, artist, programmer), free bread � a great option: you can adjust the load, allocate time, acquire professional connections. You as a student the most important thing will be to overcome the “initial drag resistance” � search for “hack” can be just as challenging as finding a “normal” job.

The most effective in your case is communication in the professional community, blogs, forums and appeal directly to the employer. Those who are looking for a person to perform urgent task is often not so important regarding your knowledge and you have a chance even in the absence of experience.

Good luck in your job search!

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